Training Programs for
Managers & Supervisors

Read our blogs to learn more about these top issues preventing growth and stability within your organization:

Disengaged Employees

Team members that are disengaged and uninterested are not only unproductive, but also a distraction to the rest of your team.

Uncommitted Workforce

Rarely do uncommitted employees make an investment to improve their personal or team performance.

Ineffective Leaders

You may be looking at your workforce and seeing employees that just aren’t performing up to company standards.

Poor Communication

When the lines of communication between team members break down, the overall productivity of an organization suffers.

High Turnover

Teams with reduced employee turnover develop a deep familiarity with the goals and objectives of the organization.

Poor Customer Service

When your customer service skills are lacking, you lose business. It’s that simple.

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NewSummit is Your Company’s Complete Leadership Development Solution

A company’s success highly depends on the competencies and capabilities of its leadership team. Unfortunately, the foundation of this group, front line managers and supervisors, are rarely trained in the craft of management. According to Gallup, this is the single largest contributing factor of lost productivity and lower employee engagement. NewSummit fixes this problem through our comprehensive Leadership Development program, tailored and customized to your specific company’s needs.


Summit, Ascent, Base Camp Pyramid picture

How Your Leaders Will Journey to the Top:

Our program encompasses three separate levels to match the logical growth in skills and capabilities of a new leader:

Essential Management Skills: Base Camp Level

Foundational skills a manager requires to competently fulfill day-to-day tasks and demands.

Team Development and Communication: Ascent Level

Focus on interpersonal skills necessary for a leader to effectively communicate desired tasks and outcomes with their team, clients, and management

Leadership Skills: Summit Level

Development of leadership competencies required to be an effective and motivational leader

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Management Program implementation process:

  • Best practice management competencies - Combined with the client’s specific criteria to tailor the program or course.
  • Orientation session – Management cohort are introduced to the purpose, importance, and expectations of their given program.
  • Experiential skills based workshop– In person, online, or virtual, and highly interactive, all classes come with pre and post work. If a required component, all pre-course assessments are included.
  • Reinforcement and application – Post-training reinforcements activities, followed up a group coaching event where previously learned skills are reviewed in relation to actual on-the-job experiences, and coached for improvement.

Core Skills of Leadership Coaching Program

Although COVID forces us to adapt, your personal development should not stop. For a limited time only, The Core Skills of Leadership program now includes two virtual personalized coaching sessions in addition to one year access to the online training material!

This award-winning, blended-learning training program focuses on essential leadership, communication and coaching skills for managers and supervisors to successfully meet the challenges of leading today’s workforce. The program is taught through three online courses, hour personalized coaching sessions (maximum two people per program).

You will increase employee engagement, commitment, ownership, and productivity. This program will help you move a team member's from where "they are" to where they "should be."

  • Online Courses - Essential Skills Of Communication and Essential Skills of Leadership. To be completed in advance of personalized Small Group Coaching Session.
  • Small Group Coaching Session - Virtual session (two participants maximum). This session will practice and reinforce skills learned online in Step 1. The session will consist of practice, coaching individualized feedback.
  • Online Course - Coaching Job Skills. To be completed in advance of second Small Group Coaching Session.
  • Small Group Coaching Session - This version session will practice and reinforce skills learned online in Step 3.

The Small Group Coaching Sessions would be on two separate days (Tuesday and Thursday) allowing the participant to practice distinct and different leadership skill sets and then assess their effectiveness.