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We saw our turnover drop by almost one-third over the course of a year. The training is pertinent to the job situations and they learn to and are motivated to apply their new skills immediately when they return to the job.

Our business leadership programs help…

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Turn your plateaus into beginnings.

Gallup has found that 47% of employees received feedback from their managers only a few times a year, and only 26% strongly agree that the feedback was helpful.(1) This lack of engagement is estimated to cost over a trillion dollars of lost productivity due to poor management and low employee engagement.(2)

Every company faces challenges, but only successful companies take steps to solve them. With NewSummit management training courses, you’re taking the first step toward overcoming the organizational challenges affecting your business.

Discover the organizational challenges affecting your business:

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1, 2 – Gallup: Clifton, Harter 2019

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And turn your managers into guides.

The largest contributor to your company’s success lies within your front-line management. Our passion is in the development of transforming these key team members into leaders who create and fulfill your company’s potential.

Through a series of leadership courses that build on each other, your team will learn practical and valuable skills, increase employee engagement and accountability, and solve many gaps in your current performance management practices

Our Leadership Training Packages start as low as $50 per month!

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Give Your Managers & Supervisors the Tools they Need
to Elevate Their Teams

Our management training courses provide your
managers skills they can start using day one.

Leadership & Communication Skills "Base Camp" Icon LEADERSHIP &
“Base Camp”

Essential Skills Building

Our Essential Skills series helps your future leaders develop the skills they need to lead their teams day-to-day. This is great for new managers who are well-versed in their primary job skill but need guidance on how to manage people effectively. We focus on employee engagement, performance, difficult conversations and core skills.


  • Essential skills of leadership
  • Essential skills of communication
  • How and when to delegate
  • Active listening
  • Removing emotion from the conversation
  • How to lead efficient and effective meetings
  • How to lead problem-solving discussions
  • And more!
Team Development & Practical Applications "Ascent" Icon TEAM DEVELOPMENT &

Developing Strong Teams

Our Team Development series builds on the skills learned in Base Camp, giving new managers insights into their own behavior, and the behavior of others. They will learn how to appropriately apply their Base Camp skill set to their employees as unique individuals.


  • How to motivate and give clear direction
  • How to turn mistakes into coaching moments
  • Effective discipline
  • Managing complaints
  • Conflict resolution
  • Supporting the stages of change
  • And more!
Mastering Leadership "Summit" Icon MASTERING

Becoming a Trusted Leader

The Leadership Skills series pulls together the skills your future leaders learned in Base Camp and Ascent. Here they will turn the focus internally and develop the skills to not only lead, but also to coach and inspire.


  • What is required to be a successful leader and deliver desired results
  • How to build effective relationships with your boss, direct reports, peers, and customers
  • Identify how others perceive you and your individual leadership strengths and opportunities
  • How to build leadership capabilities to achieve business results, improve team commitment, and develop others
  • How to prepare for future leadership opportunities
  • How to create a "Develop/Action Plan" for immediate application

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"A good educational course that left me feeling empowered."

New Summit Leadership Training - Management Training - Denver Colorado - 5-stars

Christina E

"Will definitely be able to apply these skills to my work on a regular basis."

New Summit Leadership Training - Management Training - Denver Colorado - 5-stars

Lauren W

"This program provides hands-on learning, real-time feedback, and is engaging."

New Summit Leadership Training - Management Training - Denver Colorado - 5-stars

Ashley C

"I would recommend this for anyone dealing with employees!"

New Summit Leadership Training - Management Training - Denver Colorado - 5-stars

Tina R

Over 25 years developing the leaders who create and fulfill their company’s potential.

NewSummit in Golden, CO, was founded in the passionate belief that maximum human potential is achieved through education and empowerment. Our leadership team is comprised of executive leaders and business owners who not only have risen from the ranks, but who understand the challenges facing new managers and their organizations and are experts at solving them. Our passion is in the development of an organization’s talent, specifically frontline managers and supervisors, who hold the key to a company’s success.

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